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:: Holy Saints

'This Mulji Brahmchari is absolutely desire free, and I like his service very much, and this celibate possesses the attributes of cosmic God.' - Vachanamrit.

Such great celibate Mukundanand Brahmchari was born in Machhiyav. 'Mulji' was his childhood name. Since his childhood he had singular resolute of practising celibacy for whole life. The family preisthood and it's income in the village was enough for his livelihood. His father tried to persuade him to marry and explained to him about the impossibility of celibacy in the age of Kali. But the youth - Muljibhai, did not budged from his resolute.

Due to his duties as brahmin priest, he was used to visit the houses of his hosts. He was became most trustworthy among his hosts.

Once a daughter of a host family was to be brought home from her in-laws. Escorting this young lady, Muljibhai was returning to Machhiav. It was a far flung village, therefore when night fell they halted and camped at a midway place. Muljibhai arranged her bed in a small shop, and he himself slept outside. The girl was amorously attracted to the strong and manly physique of Muljibhai and being swept away by the waves of baser instincts of covetousness she came to Muljibhai from her bed. Muljibhai got up swiftly and inquired if she was scared of any thing, assured her absolute safety and peace and asked her to return to her sleep. But after some time she came back again. Muljibhai assured her once again and sent her back. Muljibhai knew nothing about her ill thinking.

Early in the morning, as they proceeded onward Muljibhai found her face pale and weak due to some unknown fear. At heart, she was at fault and the guilt of her thoughts scared her. If her attitude was disclosed to the society in which they lived, her image and respect would be lost. It was at this point Muljibhai knew about the intention of the woman. Since that incident, Muljibhai decided to disown such society and such life as a householder.

One fine morning he left Machhiav, came to Loej, took deeksha from Ramanand Swami and became Mukundanand Swami. He then stayed in hermitage of Loej. After some time, Shri Hari graced Loej and the hermitage Mukundanand worshipped Him with absolute faith.

In Vadtal temple, Shriji Maharaj was gracing a Sabha in the square behind the main dome of the temple and Brahmchari at that moment was standing at the prayer circuit of the inner temple at some height. Shriji Maharaj, called for water. Hearing this Mukund Brahmchari at the top, jumped down to the ground and brought water for Shriji Maharaj. Maharaj scolded, 'Brahmchari ! Why you did so ? What if was fractured due to such risky jump ?' 'Maharaj ! You needed water and if I in such circumstances was to alight steps to serve, it would take time! And if I was to come to harm, you would always be there to protect. ' Such was his dedicate faith in Shri Hari.

In all his three states-waking, sleep and dream - he was fully concentrated in memory of Shriji Maharaj. Once, in some village, Shriji Maharaj was addressing a late evening Satsang at the residence of a Satsangi. Brahmchari was sitting on the floor besides the bedstead of Shriji Maharaj. He in his drowsiness the Brahmchari slipped into sleep but then, all of a sudden he awoke, got up, ran in haste to Shri Hari, took Maharaj in his arms and ran out from the house. The assembly was shocked and startled at such rustic act from the Bramchari and his escape with Maharaj.

'Brahmchari! What is this ?' Asked Maharaj. 'Oh Maharaj ! In my dream state I saw fire devouring you and the house. Therefore, I took you from there and ran quickly from the house to save you from the fire.' Replied the Brahmchari.

Celibacy in all eight ways-and forms was compulsory for all the saint of Shriji Maharaj, but keeping in view his virtue of absolute celibacy, he was allowed to converse with lady Satsangis.

Once Maharaj was gracing Jetalpur Dhaam. Due to the occasional separation from Maharaj, Dada Khachar, Jivuba, Laduba and others in Gadhada were plunged in great grief and sorrow. To console and comfort these devotees, Shriji Maharaj sent Brahmchari to Gahdada. Brahmchari went to Gadhada like enlightened disciple Uddhavji of Lord Shri Krishna had gone to comfort the Gopis. He pacified them in their grief of separation through his enlightening dialogues. S.G. Vasudevanand Brahmchari has narrated this episode in his Satsangi Bhushan (3.25-27) and Muktanand Swami has written 'Uddhav Gita' on this episode.

He was most capable and absolutely detached and ready to face the insults at any extent to serve Shriji Maharaj.

Once Shriji Maharaj ordered him to not to wear shoes or chappals. He accepted it very politely and obeyed to the orders. Then Shriji Maharaj stopped curd, milk, butter oil and sugar in his meals. He accepted this too with great pleasure.

Once Shriji Maharaj asked him to go away from His personal service. He accepted it too and lived in remote village Dabhan where he continued his devotional worship. Then in such severe punishment came the season of summer with the crop of sweet and fragrant mangoes. Satsangis in Dabhan desired that Brahmchari being a saintly soul, should take some mangos to Shriji Maharaj to present it in the thaal. Nobody thought of the inconvenience of Brahmchari - his bare foot, no sumptuous food, extreme heat and heavy weight of mango-basket ! It was mid summer and the sun was very hot, the earth was like furnace, the land was saline, deserted and sandy and his body extremely weak.

In such state he treaded the path to Gadhada holding a 30 kg basket of ripe mangoes. He treaded this rout of 90 km bare footed, reached Gadhada, placed the basket near Maharaj and offered dandvat Pranam. But Maharaj, He did not pay any attention and spoke nothing to him.

Brahmchari went out. One senior lady devotee asked 'Oh Brahmchari ! Why have you not been here these days ?' In reply, Brahmchari told her, his tale of grief and separation. That old lady rushed back to Maharaj to scold Him for his treatment towards the Brahmchari. 'You call your self the ocean of mercy, but have punished that pitiable celibate for no fault. ' Maharaj asked her to send Brahmchari back. Thus, Mukundanand Swami came back to Maharaj and had a meal with the mango juice. Since the day of that meeting, Mukundand Swami lived permanently with Maharaj.

Once Shriji Maharaj ordered Brahmchari to address assembly. Brahmchari stood and said, 'I have very little to say except first and foremost Lord Shriji Maharaj is the Supreme God. None paralleled Him, and none will parallel. I repeatedly say that this only is the truth. Secondly, there should be no change in following his commands, live within the limits prescribed for you by him. That is all.'

Shriji Maharaj pleased at his humbleness, compared his work with the act of a Adwait and gave Bhagwati Deekhsa renaming him Adwaitanand Swami.

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